Project 4 Change

Project 4 Change does not use government funding


Our Mission

We are delivering affordable housing and support for all in the community. By providing the opportunity to own a home, or the security of long term rental, we are empowering those who may not believe they have the option of a safe place to call home.

Our Impact

As a community enterprise, we apply commercial strategies to maximise social impact.

Project4Change is built upon the belief of "doing well by doing good". We treat each of our projects as investments that yield the unique opportunity to accomplish significant change in peoples lives.  

Through our impact investment fund we raise equity that enables us to not only put a roof over someones head but also in other community support and education programs to empower individuals, and assist in putting their life back on track. 

For many years, many people in Australia have faced a life-long battle to achieve what most Australians take for granted: to be included and valued and part of the community. Project4Change is addressing the need for shelter, safety and security for Australia's most vulnerable. 


Our Thinking

We build inclusive diverse projects designed to include all people - people on waiting lists for social housing, people facing housing crisis, people with disabilities, people who have experienced abuse, the elderly and the general public. 

Our Ethical Pillars

All three Ethical Pillars are linked, unless all three pillars are engaged in a project we will not take it forward.


Financial Sustainability


Financial Sustainability is the core for everything we do. Nothing is sustainable if it doesn’t have a sound financial base! Any organisation which relies solely on government grants and/or public donation will not survive in this format in the future.

Social Sustainability


Social Sustainability revolves around the wellbeing and feeling of community and those in it. When we create a project we endeavour to provide a space in which people feel comfortable with themselves and those around them.

Environmental Sustainability


P4C addresses environmental sustainability in the nature, design layout and locations of all the projects we undertake. Our developments include the use of community kitchen gardens and native plants to encourage wild life in the area.

Our Housing Models

Integrated Community Model

Our Integrated Community Model (ICM) in townhouse projects reflects the diversity of the greater community. In these projects we have standard units, ageing in place units, disability units and further standard units which form part of our Deposit Assistance Scheme. 


Community Programs

At Project4Change we understand the job is not finished with simply providing a roof over the head of families. Further support is needed by way of programs that deliver basic life skills and re-establish self-worth in each of the individuals. We collaborate with other community organisations to undertake this work with us and we financially support these programs. 




Our rental pathways model is for our rental clients, be they transitioning through to purchase one of our ICM properties, or staying in the long term. Tenants under this scheme would require long term security of tenure and access to our support programs.     


Specialist Housing

Within all our projects we provide for specialist housing to suit families and individuals who require such, but wish to be part of a community and not in a function specific building or environment. Project4Change will generally retain ownership of these buildings, unless people can afford purchase them, either in their own right, or through our deposit assistance scheme.

Impact Investment

Investing in Project4Change enables you to make a significant social impact whilst generating financial returns. 

Make a Donation

Your donation goes directly towards helping build a stronger, more inclusive community for all. 

Our impact

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to a home to call their own.