Leave a Bequest to Project 4 Change

Project 4 Change Limited is a property development company holding Public Benevolent Institution status and is a registered Charity. We work in the Community Enterprise space, where project profits return to Project 4 Change to fund our ongoing projects and programs.

Having this status means that we can attract the philanthropic gestures of people and organizations who share our mission to provide affordable homes to lower income and marginalized individuals and families, effectively addressing Australia’s housing crisis.

Many people are considering what to do with their estate when they eventually pass. Sounds a little morbid but in fact it is very smart to plan for this inevitable event to ensure your express wishes are carried out.


Leaving a bequest to a cost-effective charity like Project 4 Change Limited offers several benefits to your family and your community.

Some of these include:

  • Reducing inheritance tax;
  • Know that you are making an impact;
  • Providing much needed financial support for the community;
  • Leaving a legacy in the form of a physical structure and, more importantly, a difference in someone’s life and future.

Things to consider when planning a bequest:

  • If you are bequeathing funds, what amount you would like to leave to Project 4 Change Limited?
    • The main choice here is whether you want to bequeath a fixed amount, or first make provision for your family and then distribute the remainder. Please consult your financial professional.
  • If you choose to bequeath land or property, please contact Project 4 Change so that we can ensure that the intended use is planned and documented and that your wishes are achievable.

It’s worth noting that, even though you may have expressed a wish to bequeath some of your estate to charity, writing a will is a prudent thing to do. If you pass without one, your assets will likely be distributed according to the law, rather than according to your own wishes. This could, for example, mean that your partner is not provided for if you’re not married or in a civil partnership. Writing a will is worth strong consideration.


Other reasons to take the time to write a will include:

  • Make provision for your children, for example, choose who will take care of them and set aside sufficient funds for this.
  • Make any other necessary provisions, such as for your pets, or your business, or other responsibilities.
  • Specifying what sort of funeral, you would like, which will spare your family from having to make the decision.
  • Declaring that you would like your organs donated, and/or your body donated to science. Be sure to tell your next of kin about this in case it comes up unexpectedly.
  • Naming your executors (family members are a standard choice).
  • Reduce inheritance tax incurred - leaving money to charity is an excellent strategy for this.

Should you decide to make a bequest to Project 4 Change we would like to express our deepest gratitude. Be assured that your contribution will be used to create much needed change and provide a home for someone who may otherwise not have this opportunity.


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