We work at providing a variety of housing to our clients for both purchase and rental.  

Our projects are located in the outer suburbs of capital cities and regional centres close to transport and amenities. This allows us to acquire the raw land at a price which is reflected in the final product delivery cost .

Our Integrated Community Model (ICM) in townhouse projects reflects the diversity of the greater community. In these projects we have standard units, ageing in place units, disability units and further standard units which form part of our Deposit Assistance Scheme. 

Our five bedroom rental model also reflects this philosophy but has the added advantage of housing  tenants of similar circumstance if required.

This is particularly so in the singles market.

Our house land packages are located randomly through new land developments. This type of housing also integrates our product in the greater community. The designs reflect what we do in our ICM model so that we can supply a range of product to those in need.

P4C address environmental sustainability in the nature, design layout and locations of all the projects we undertake. Our developments encourage the use of community kitchen gardens,quiet spaces for residents and native plants to encourage wild life in the area.

Included in all of the above instances are our specific design properties for disability, ageing in place, low income and domestic violence.