What we do


The delivery of housing ownership to families with low income or specialist needs centres around the availability of enough funds for the deposit. The standard adopted regarding housing stress is, that if you are spending more than 30% of your household income on accommodation costs then you are in housing stress. Many low-income earners are in this situation and some are paying up to 50% of the household income on accommodation.This very fact then precludes them from the ability to save the significant deposit required to buy a home.

All of our work has a particular emphasis on assisting those with disability and helping women who have been involved in Domestic Violence or find themselves single in their later years.


How are we different?

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Project 4 Change does not seek nor use government funding in its own right.We may be involved with some joint ventures that do so.

P4C is founded on the discipline and rigour of the best practices of the private sector. P4C unashamedly intends for its projects to simultaneously achieve two goals:

(i) make affordable housing available to persons who may otherwise not be able to purchase their own home;

(ii) ensure each project returns a ‘profit’, which can be then deployed in furthering P4C’s mission including our "My Lifestyle" program and post occupancy support initiatives

Impact Investment

Project 4 Change Limited is a vehicle 4 change. As such, P4C provides for people to invest in our investment fund and receive a commercial return. P4C uses these monies and borrowings to deliver housing, both ownership and rental to those, in our community, who can least afford it.

This community funding mechanism, our Community Impact Investment Fund, allows people with small or large amounts of cash to collectively join and fund a range of properties.

You can make a difference to yourself and others by investing from $5000 upwards.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission has granted us registration as a Public Benevolent Institution as well as Advancing social and public welfare along with our DGR status.

Our Ethical Pillars

All three Ethical Pillars are linked, unless all three pillars are engaged in a project we will not take it forward.

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability is the core for everything we do. Nothing is sustainable if it doesn’t have a sound financial base! Any organisation which relies solely on government grants and/or public donation will not survive in this format in the future.

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability revolves around the wellbeing and feeling of community and those in it. When we create a project we endeavour to provide a space in which people feel comfortable with themselves and those around them.

Environmental Sustainability

P4C addresses environmental sustainability in the nature, design layout and locations of all the projects we undertake. Our developments include the use of community kitchen gardens and native plants to encourage wild life in the area.