We provide both standard and specific purpose housing for rental and purchase.

This community funding mechanism, includes a number of investment types.

Firstly our Community Impact Investment Fund, allows people with  to collectively join and fund a range of properties.

Investment Structure of the Fund


The Fund is designed for investors wishing to invest under socially responsible and ethical principles which deliver impact in the community and create community enterprise outcomes and is open to retail and wholesale investors.

 It aims to provide the opportunity to be involved in our work as well as providing a dividend to our investors. We use the funds in residential property developments undertaken by the Project 4 Change. 

The development projects are intended to return realistic development margins which will deliver a good financial return thereby allowing P4C to fulfil its community enterprise objectives. The Project 4 Change Limited as a Public Benevolent Institution qualifies for tax benefits which will assist in maximising the returns available and minimising risk.


The critical terms of the fund are;

  • Three year investment term

  • Minimum entry amount of $5000

  • Current historical return of 8.00 %p.a.

Contact Us for a copy of the investment offer.


Another of our investment vehicles is INVEST WITH HEART, has investors buying our properties on a long term leaseback. P4C then sublets the property as co housing to those in need at no more than 30% of their income,including those on pensions.

For more information please contact us.

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