Livable Housing Australia Design Layouts

Project 4 Change and our architects, Grey-Space along with our consulting arm Impact Advisory have been working on some standard floor plans for Livable Design for our future properties.

We are working toward all of our product being to Gold Level standard.

These will be in the form of 1,2, and 3 bedroom townhouses as well as free standing residences and some Dual Key applications.

This design basis, which is also known as “Universal Design” allows people who have particular needs, as well as regular occupants to be accommodated in a similar style of building.

Physical and some intellectual disability, ageing in place and standard tenancy all work through the one design.

This allows any given property to be allocated to a much larger section of the community and provides for more inclusion in the community for all than is currently the case.

We will be introducing these registered floor plans to our future properties over time and adjusting them based on user feedback.