Our Mission

P4C is a vehicle for change in the community housing sector using Impact investment, donation and collaboration to achieve our mission.

As a community enterprise, with Charity status, we are providing affordable homes for all in our community, particularly those dis-empowered by circumstance, independent of any government funding. These homes are for both rental and purchase.

We offer the community an opportunity to join us through investment in our impact fund, or donate to our gift fund. "Doing good while doing well"



How are we different?

Project4Change is founded on the discipline and rigor of the best practices of the private sector. We unashamedly intend for our projects to simultaneously achieve two goals:

1. Make affordable housing available to persons who may otherwise not be able to purchase or rent a safe place to live.

2. Ensure each project returns a 'profit'.

The Great Australian Dream of owning home is out of reach for some in our community. With families with low income or specialist needs suffering from the availability of enough funds to make a deposit. 

With many low-income-earners spending up to to 80% of the household income on accomodation, housing stress is a rising concern that grips many across Australia. 

If you are unable to save the significant deposit required to buy a home, most lending institutions will not accept you. As people in this space have a reduced capacity to repay. Project4Change addresses this issue by pre-qualyfing our tenants and buyers. With our Deposit Assistance Scheme we provide some of the deposit interest free , this is supported by points earnt in our tenants reward program.The client can use first home owner funds and their savings to make up the balance deposit. 

When the property value has risen sufficiently the property is revalued and the loan restructured with the capital gain on the property used to pay out Project4Change.

The client is now a home owner in society!

Throughout this period and after, Project4Change offers further support to our clients through our community programs.