Privacy Statement

Project4Change Limited - Privacy and Disclaimer
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Project4Change Ltd claims copyright of this Privacy and Disclaimer Statement.


Your privacy is important to us. We understand that during the course of you interactions with Project4Change, entering your details into one of our websites, visiting one of our websites, investing in one of our funds we are in some cases collecting information which could make you personally identifiable. The information within this privacy statement outlines how we use, securely store and maintain this information.
This Statement may be updated from time to time so please check back regularly.


Personal information may include but not be limited to;

• Phone
• Mobile
• Physical Address
• Company Information
• Trust Information
• Superannuation Information
• Related Contact Information
• IP Address
• Browsing Information


First and foremost your information is used for the purposes it was collected for. We may also use your information to provide information as may be applicable to you situation unless you specifically indicate that you do not wish us to do so. If you receive information from Project4Change or other related service information you will be given options to control or stop receiving that information.


It is our considered opinion that public websites are essentially public areas and visiting a public website is akin to visiting a public place and the fact that you visited is a matter of public record to those present. The fact that you visit certain online public places may be used to inform you dependent on your browsing habits while on our public website.


If required under any applicable law either state or federal we are required to disclose your personal information we will do so when requested by the appropriate legal authority in the appropriate legal form.


Every care is taken to ensure that the information which we hold is both accurate and up to date at all times. You can help us with this by updating us if any of your information changes.


Your personal information in most cases is not stored in a physical form on site other than what may be present in the form of hard copies as required for the day to day running of Project4Change Ltd. When on site it is stored in lockable storage whenever possible. Most of the personal information which we may hold will be held by partner software providers, within website databases or online storage. These partners are in the business of data security and it is in this way that we ensure you data is as protected as possible at all times. Our website is regularly updated and security patched to prevent wherever possible security breaches.