Community Support Programs

At Project 4 Change we understand the job is not finished with simply providing a roof over the head of families.

Further support is needed by way of programs that deliver basic life skills and re-establish self-worth in each of the individuals.

P4C does not claim expertise in this area and thus we collaborate with other community organisations to undertake this work with us and we financially support these programs. This funding comes out of our development margins and tax savings. The participation of individuals, in the programs is purely voluntary.

Further, for those families not yet able to qualify for bank finance we work with the bank on programs to help the family qualify in the future.

Specialist Housing

Within all our projects we provide for specialist housing to suit families and individuals who require such, but wish to be part of a community and not in a function specific building or environment.

P4C will generally retain ownership of these buildings, unless people can afford purchase them, either in their own right, or through our deposit assistance scheme. Again, we outsource any provision of care operations to other community organisations.
The community spaces within our projects provide for all the residents, including those in specialist housing, to come together.