We have quite deliberately kept our Board at P4C small. All three directors are personally and collectively passionate about our journey and the responsibilities this entails.

We  wish to remain proactive and agile as a board, to meet the challenges we undoubtedly will encounter.

This does not mean, as a board, we don’t understand the level of care needed in transparency and governance and to that end we actively liaise and take advice from other professionals in relation to those matters.


Greg Cree, Chairman

Greg has decades of experience in the building and development industry. He has fulfilled most roles that the industry has to offer including construction and project management on large projects both in Australia and overseas. Greg has also been a private developer and experienced the success and faced the hard lessons that come from this arena. He saw the need for different approach to the provision of affordable housing as a result of his volunteer work during the Brisbane floods. His experience and subsequent research of the challenges and limitations of relying on public funding drove the creation our Community Enterprise Model.


Leanne Paulsen, Director

Leanne currently operates in the Event Management space ensuring the successful delivery of University conferences and courses. Prior to this she was the commercial manager of a very successful Brisbane tourist operation and prior to that she had some twenty years experience in the banking sector.

All of this enhances her natural ability to look at detail which complements the team to ensure the “big picture’ is realistic.


Chris Hansen, Director

Chris is principal of a small Brisbane CBD law firm which specialises in property development, construction and property finance. Over almost 20 years Chris has worked on property developments ranging from high-rise commercial and residential, land subdivision, medium and low density residential from project commencement to completion.