Project 4 Change Limited does not seek or receive any government funding for its work.

P4C is founded on the discipline and rigor of the best practices of the private sector. We unashamedly intend for our projects to simultaneously achieve two goals:

  • Make affordable housing available to persons who may otherwise not be able to purchase their own home
  • Ensure each project returns a 'profit'

Part of the project profit is utilised in our post occupancy support programs for our clients, which work to re-establish self-worth in the individuals and create contributing members of community. This is done in conjunction with other community organisations with differing skill bases.

We like to separate Project 4 Change from not-for-profit's (NFP's), social enterprise schemes and other popular terms that are currently springing up, as nothing but the names and terms seem to have changed. Whilst NFP's state they have changed their governance, they are still generally NOT the commercially viable entities that is Project 4 Change. They are still reliant on government funding, tenders and handouts of all sorts to make substantial community changes.

Project 4 Change IS commercially viable and operates only under its own funding - In essence operating like any other business and raising its own equity through its impact investment fund. Our fund gives people the opportunity to pool resources and create a critical mass to accomplish significant change in peoples lives. This is accomplished not only by putting a roof over their head but also in other community support and education programs to empower individuals,and assist in putting their life back on track. 

An excellent example of this philosophy is the Canadian study and action plan into Homelessness in the town of Medicine Hat. In essence it shows that the cost to community in leaving somebody on the street and not engaging them in community was in the order of $100,000 per year. Whereas the cost of housing and supporting that individual is in the order of $20,000.

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